SFB 1136 - Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunities and Compatibility of Family and Career


Work on the promotion of equal opportunities in the CRC “Education and Religion” aims at

  • increasing the percentage of female scholars with regard to all levels of qualification, especially focussing on the critical stage between PhD and professorship,
  • establishing structures and working conditions which further social inclusion,
  • creating a family-friendly environment which makes it easier to combine academic work and family life,
  • raising an awareness of the importance of equal opportunities among the members of the CRC
  • embedding the topic of gender equality in the CRC´s research programme.

To this end, the staff responsible for equal opportunities

  • offers counselling and provides relevant information
  • organises workshops and training on topics such as work-life-balance, career planning, compatibility of career and family, mentoring, coaching, networking, raising awareness, childcare facilities
  • ascertains the individual requirements of the members of the CRC

You can download a poster concerning the CRC’s work on the promotion of equal opportunities here (in German):  

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