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L. K. Horvath: Gendergerechte_re Sprache

Dr. Lisa K. Horvath (Graz): "Gendergerechte_re Sprache"

Gender-neutral language is a polarizing topic: For some people it is an important instrument for equalization, for others it´s a complicated and unnecessary untertaking...

10.10.2018, 09:30–10:30


Rabbinic Instruction in Context

Conference "Rabbinic Instruction in Context: Perspectives on the Transmission of Religious Knowledge and Praxis in Antiquity and Late Antiquity"
18./19. September 2017


Ethical Instruction as Educational Discourse

Symposium "Ethical Instruction as Educational Discourse: Thought and Impact of the Classical Muslim Thinker Miskawayh (d. 1030) between Reception and Transformation", May 24th till 27th 2018, Conference Hotel Freizeit In, Dransfelder Str. 3, Göttingen
Organisation: sub-project D 03 (Sebastian Günther, Yassir El Jamouhi), Contact